About Grab a Flight

Grab a Flight is a South African local flights booking platform where you can find the cheapest domestic flights in South Africa. We compare all low cost airlines and full service airlines that fly between South African destinations. We allow our customers to mix airlines and create the cheapest ticket possible. With outstanding customer service via email and social media we separate ourselves from the hundreds of small flight booking sites in South Africa that offer no customer service. Grab a Flight is a safe choice to book your last minute flights and start your travels.
Grab a Flight is an affiliate of Travel Start. Travel Start is one of the leading flight booking companies in the world.
You can contact Grab a Flight any time. One of our strong points is that we can always be contacted via mail or social media (Facebook or Twitter). We can assist you with any question or query you may have.

How to book

Booking a flight on Grab a Flight is very easy. It is all done in 4 simple steps. 1. Search for a flight on Grab a Flight, 2. Select the flight most suitable for you, 3. Fill in the passenger(s) information and other details required, 4. Confirm the payment immediately online via eft or card.
Once we have processed your payment and everything is received we will issue a confirmation, which will be sent directly to your inbox.
Absolutely. Simply send us an email or reach out to us via Facebook or Twitter and we will immediately help you with your booking request.

How to pay

You can pay by internet transfer, cash deposit at a relevant bank or credit card (against a processing fee). At present, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. You need to enter your credit card details on our website when making your booking in order to process your payment and confirm your booking.

If you prefer to pay by internet transfer, please use the following bank account:

Branch code: 123209
Account number: 1232117978

Branch code: 632005
Account number: 4069885562

Branch code: 020909
Account number: 070638241

Branch code: 202509
Account number: 62182487895

Reference: Your booking reference number and any passenger surnames sent to you in the booking confirmation

Send us your internet payment confirmation to alert us of your payment (This is a notification to us and we will issue your ticket once the funds clear in our account). Email your proff of payment to info@grabaflight.co.za.

You should pay immediately or before midnight (South African time) on the day the booking was made in order to have the quoted price guaranteed.
We will send you a ticket confirmation email. For certain low cost carriers, you will receive a confirmation from the airline directly.

How to check in

The Airlines recommend the following standard check-in times:
Domestic flights: 1 hour prior to departure.
The rules vary between airlines and destinations.

Please note that some airlines don’t have a baggage allowance as part of the airfare and charge all luggage additionally per kilogram. The best way to check what applies for your travel is to visit the website of the airline you are travelling with. Alternatively you can contact us.

Most airlines in South Africa allow for online check in. Please refer to the airline’s website to do your online check in.