Which app to use when booking a hotel from your phone


Some of us (probably most) might still remember going to the local travel agent to fetch a brochure with upcoming specials for the holiday season. It required hours of sitting at home with your partner/friend/self (mentally circle what applies) going through pages and pages of hotel photos and their little description with icons. And then lets not forget looking up the pricing for the amount of nights you want and in which season what rates apply. A nightmare! Then websites came along and it made things a little easier, until apps saw the light of day. Now, when sitting on your (wo)man throne, you can quickly type in what you’re interested in and within a few seconds you see what matches and what previous guests think about the place.

Since we are all about flights, but you might need a hotel as well we have created a list of which apps you should be using, if you are looking to book a hotel in South Africa:

  1. Hotel Tonight: need something right now? Like tonight? Then the Hotel Tonight app is probably the app to go with. They have great hotels with availability, right now… or tomorrow. Android | Apple
  2. probably the most user friendly hotel booking apps out there, at least their users seem to think so by checking the reviews. Lots of hotels available and did I mention great reviews already? Android | Apple
  3. TripAdvisor Hotels: if you need a little more information on your hotel than really necessary? Want to know how many plugs you room will have? Do you read every single review and only make choices based on other people’s ***? Go with TripAdvisor, hands down your new favorite app. Android | Apple
  4. a bit like but with one major difference, the Rewards. Get some extra rewards, like a free stay at your favorite hotel. If you travel more than the average South African this might be a good deal for you. Android | Apple